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Audits and Surveys


Are you ready for an ISO, FDA or a DAMAS third-party audit?

The FDA requires that your business conduct internal audits periodically to show that compliance standards are being met. DAMAS requires that establishments perform an audit at a minimum annually. Additionally, ISO requires that you pass both internal and external audits in order to be registered to this standard.

Audits are an independent and unbiased evaluation of your existing quality program. Audits will determine if a business complies with policies, contract commitments and regulatory standards.

It is strongly recommended that 2-3 months prior to a third party audit, an internal audit be performed. The internal audit results and corrective actions would typically be taken into consideration by the third party auditor in their decision for DAMAS certification, FDA compliance, and/or ISO registration.

For more information on SafeLink’s internal audits, please contact us today.

Under the Magnifying Glass of ISO, FDA, and DAMAS Audits
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