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Compliance Risk Assessment for the Dental Laboratory

How do you really know where your business stands in regard to regulatory compliance?

Does your business need guidance with OSHA compliance and FDA compliance? How do you know your current safety program and quality system are effective and compliant? Having a third party, such as SafeLink Consulting, who is knowledgeable about the dental laboratory environment perform an onsite risk assessment is the best way to determine your risk position and prevention needs. With over 100 combined years of experience in the dental lab industry, SafeLink consultants can provide you with an industry-specific onsite safety evaluation and/or quality system audit to determine your lab’s current regulatory compliance state or condition. This assessment covers federal and state OSHA compliance requirements, FDA Quality System requirements, and any dental lab state legislative requirements.

Let SafeLink Consultants be your compliance solution to OSHA regulations and FDA requirements. Support an effective safety program and quality system instead of government penalties and fines.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule your compliance risk assessment.

SafeLink Consulting is proud to be recognized as the 2016 NADL Supplier of the Year.

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