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Regulatory Compliance for the Dental Laboratory

Advance your business with the best strategy and path to achievement for a successful Safety Plan and Quality Management.

Adhering to an effective Quality System and Safety Program will ultimately aid your business in operating more efficiently and becoming more profitable. Choosing a partner who is compassionate and dependable is essential for your business success. With over 20 years of dedication in the dental industry, SafeLink Consulting’s expert OSHA consultants, FDA consultants, and outstanding client service team are ready to help you.

Here’s how SafeLink Consulting can make compliance easier for you:

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Complement your safety program and quality assurance with SafeLink’s other beneficial compliance solutions:

Download Dental Lab Checklist & SOP for Offisite Services
  • OSHA consulting and FDA consulting specific to the dental laboratory - SafeLink safety consultants are trained and knowledgeable in the dental lab work environment so they know how the industry operates.
  • Save time and money - Attempting to setup and maintain a customized OSHA compliance safety program or FDA quality management system on your own can cost your dental lab a lot of valuable time and money. Eliminate unnecessary costs, headaches and frustration by contracting SafeLink Consulting to establish and manage a program for you.
  • Compliance Risk Assessment – Conducting a thorough safety survey or quality audit is the best way to determine your risk position and prevention needs.
  • Customized, turn-key safety manual - Gain peace of mind knowing you have a reliable, customized safety plan in place protecting workers that meets federal and applicable state OSHA safety regulations written documentation and OSHA training requirements.
  • Simple Cloud-based applications – Easily manage your health and safety manual and quality management system online and get automatic documentation updates to meet applicable federal and state requirements with SafeLink’s UQ System.
  • Reduce worker costs – Save on lower worker’s comp premiums and claims, plus eliminate worker downtime.
  • Reduce product remakes – Having a viable Quality System and performing effective internal quality audits can help reduce your product remakes, resolve causes for internal reworks, and reduce waste.
  • Interactive safety training – Our OSHA consultants train your team in a manner that ensures knowledge retention and brings positive results. Training delivered by a third-party, such as SafeLink Consulting, creates better acceptance by employees. Get continuing education credit.
  • Get immediate assistance – Our experienced compliance officers are ready to assist you onsite, phone or email with any issues or needs that may arise concerning OSHA compliance, OSHA inspection, OSHA complaint notification, safety training, FDA compliance, FDA inspection, FDA notification, quality assurance, DAMAS certification, or HIPAA compliance.
  • Compliance Training Courses and Live Webinars – Get the education you need to meet safety training requirements, CDT continuing education credits, or to enrich your OSHA compliance knowledge.
  • FDA Registration – Get assistance in determining if your business is required to register with FDA. Our FDA consultants can help you with this process.
  • HIPAA Compliance consulting – Get HIPAA training and assistance with determination of Protected Health Information (PHI) for development and implementation of HIPAA compliance policies and procedures.
  • DAMAS Certification – Is your business ready to become DAMAS certified, or seeking DAMAS renewal of certification / DAMAS recertification? SafeLink is an Authorized DAMAS auditor. DAMAS provides a system that assists labs operate in compliance with product safety. It provides quality guidelines to help labs improve documentation from dental prescriptions to material traceability.
  • Quality System Audits - FDA requires that establishments periodically perform an Internal Audit. DAMAS requires that establishments perform an audit at a minimum annually. Let SafeLink Consultants perform these audits for you. The purpose of the audit is to establish conformance with the FDA Quality System Regulation and conformance with the DAMAS Specifications if applicable.

SafeLink Consulting is proud to be recognized as the 2016 NADL Supplier of the Year.

PACE Program Approval for Continuing Education
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SafeLink presenters are nationally recognized for providing workshops and seminars to diverse audiences. Through onsite visits, seminars, and Webinars SafeLink’s presenters have successfully trained thousands of our clients’ employees on safety and quality management.

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